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The firm of Lacey Lyons Rezanka was founded in 2020 with Attorneys Stephen J. Lacey, Aaron D. Lyons, and Kimberly B. Rezanka. The attorneys founded the firm with a concentrated purpose: build long-term and mutually successful relationships utilizing a proven client-centered approach. This is based on three key principles: trust, excellence, and professional ethics. They wanted to create a firm in Brevard that placed the client at the forefront of the matters and utilized case management practice tools (such as allowing clients to text the firm). Our attorneys’ legal experience spans over 90-years and multiple areas of expertise. Recognizing the fluidity of the legal field, we believe that staying abreast of these changes is essential to satisfying our client’s legal needs.

Brevard County is changing rapidly, and it is often said that lawyers are slow to change. We reject that tradition by embracing technology as a tool to help us serve our clients. In our years of practice, we’ve identified many outdated methods in the practice of law. We found that those inefficiencies hindered our ability to provide superior and highly personal service to our clients. As a result, at Lacey Lyons Rezanka, we aim to utilize best practices and technology to achieve our goal: providing excellent results by passionately assisting our clients.

Our attorneys in Melbourne and Rockledge recognize the privilege of working and living on the beautiful Space Coast. We give back to the community by participating, contributing, and in many cases, leading charitable organizations dedicated to improving society at all levels. We understand that to whom much is given, much is expected. We are grateful at Lacey Lyons Rezanka for the opportunity to work with clients we care deeply for and the ability to give back to our community.


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