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Planning for Long-Term Care

Planning for long-term care can be an important addition to estate planning for many individuals as they age. While the need for long-term care can come upon a person suddenly, such as when someone suffers a major stroke or heart attack, for most individuals this need becomes gradually greater over

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dark house with writing that says the dark side to real estate fraud & forgeries

The Dark Side to Real Estate: Fraud and Forgeries

Real estate fraud in the United States is a growing concern among industry professionals, especially in the state of Florida. In 2022, despite a decrease in the number of reported fraud incidents, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received more than 2.4 million complaints, amounting to almost $8.8 billion in damages.

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living will vs trust text box colors

Living Trusts vs. Wills: What is the difference?

There are two major differences between a Living Trust and a Will. The first is whether the assets will go through the probate process and the second is when the document goes into effect. A Living Trust does not pass through probate upon the death of the Living Trust’s grantor

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husband and wife

Guardianship in Florida

A guardian is a person designated by the court who can make personal and/or financial decisions for another individual who has become incapacitated or is a minor. Once a court makes someone a guardian, the individual who is now under the guardian’s care is considered a “ward.” Guardianship of an

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Demystifying The corporate transparency act.

Demystifying The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need To Know

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), enacted in 2021 with bipartisan support, represents a significant step in curbing illicit finance within the United States. Its aim is straightforward: to enhance transparency by requiring many companies operating in the U.S. to report information about their ultimate beneficial owners or controllers. Unfortunately, while

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use AI for Your Estate Plan

Thinking of using Generative AI for your estate planning? Discover why an attorney is a more reliable source. Although it has become a hot topic in recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades. The most common AI function that many people use every day is auto correct

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I love you wills Lacey Lyons Rezanka

“I Love You Wills”: A not-so-funny valentine

“I LOVE YOU WILLS”: A NOT-SO-FUNNY VALENTINE  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we will focus on the trappings of so-called “I Love You Wills”.  An “I Love You Will” is a simplified Last Will and Testament that directs that upon your death, everything in your name will be left to

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Civil Litigation Process Explained

The Civil Litigation Process Explained

Civil litigation is the formal process for dispute resolution, typically through the court system, but sometimes through alternative dispute resolution systems, such as arbitration.  If there is a contract between the parties in dispute, the contract may specify that arbitration rather than a lawsuit must be pursued to resolve disputes

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Blog Post on why you need Title Insurance by Lacey Lyons Rezanka in Melbourne Florida

7 Reasons Why You Need Title Insurance

Closing with Clarity: Understanding Common Title Defects Title defects are every buyer and seller’s nightmare. Despite the best efforts of previous owners and closing agents, there are several reasons why a title defect can still arise. While some are bigger and more costly to resolve, the headaches and heartaches these

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Navigating Property Insurance Claims: A Quick Guide

Discovering the nuances of property insurance claims and disputes is crucial for policyholders seeking fair compensation. What types of damages are typically covered by property insurance? An insurance claim lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka provides representation to policy holders and third-parties seeking coverage for their claims in various areas of

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Real Estate Attorney vs. Title Company

Closing with a Real Estate Attorney vs. a Title Company

In the dynamic real estate landscape of the State of Florida, individuals embarking on the journey of homeownership are confronted with a pivotal decision regarding who will handle their closing process. Traditionally, the two primary options are a title company or a real estate attorney. While closing with a title

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Secrets to Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Unveiling the Legal Toolkit

Real estate transactions can be exciting but equally daunting. With a myriad of regulations, changing market conditions, and the significant financial commitment involved, ensuring a seamless transaction is paramount. In Florida, where the property market is as diverse as its beautiful landscapes, the stakes are even higher. Dive into the

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Foreign Buyers- Countries of Concern

UPDATE: On February 1, 2024, the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit granted an injunction in favor of two Plaintiffs challenging Senate Bill 264 (SB 264), which has been in place since July 1, 2023. The Court determined that the Plaintiffs had a strong likelihood of success on

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Difference between Estate Planning vs. Probate

When it comes to managing one’s assets and ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth after one’s passing, the choice between creating an estate plan and being subject to probate becomes crucial. This blog aims to shed light on the key differences between these two options and it explores which one

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Avoiding Scams: Call Your Real Estate Attorney

With its sunny shores and towering palm trees, Florida has a long history of attracting people from all over the world. Even with all its beauty and famous destinations, Florida also has a shady history rooted in fraud and scams. Does the term “Ponzi scheme” sound familiar? Turns out Charles

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What To Know About A Non-Renewal Of A Lease

If you have recently been handed a notice of non-renewal, there is a lot to know about them. These documents are handed over by landlords to their tenants. They advise the tenant that the lease will not be renewed. Moving into a new place is one of the most exciting

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New Florida Laws in 2023 You Need To Know

There are new 2023 Florida laws that came into effect July 1, 2023. Every year, the State of Florida goes through a series of amendments and updates to its statute books.  These updates are often passed in response to concerns raised by individuals and organizations. It’s important to familiarize yourself

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Unraveling the Complications of FIRPTA

In 2022, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that 24% of international investments in real estate took place in Florida.[1] With its beautiful beaches and endless summer weather, that number probably does not come as a surprise. As the number of foreign investors continues to rise, what happens when

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Grandmother helping read

Parenting Again: Preparing for an IEP Meeting

More grandparents than ever are stepping up to raise their grandchildren. More than 2.5 million grandparents across the United States are accepting full-time responsibility for children as sole caregivers. As the grandparent moves closer to retirement, parenting children (again) is an unexpected detour in any plan for the second half of life.

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3 Reasons Estate Planning is Your New Favorite Topic

Is there anything better than preparing for a trip? Planning every detail of the upcoming adventure, filling your daily routine with new locations, and booking excursions to do new things with people you’ve never met? Not to mention packing enough clothes for a month even though you are only leaving

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Updates on the Non-Compete Clause Law

If you’re new to the non-compete clause law, it’s a contract where an employee agrees not to compete with an employer after employment ends.  Non-compete clauses have been common in employment contracts for years. These clauses restrict employees from working for a competitor after leaving their current job.  While they

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Probate and You: Why Hiring an Attorney is a Smart Choice

We’ve all seen the movies. The wealthy patriarch dies, and the grieving family comes together for the reading of the will. Only to learn that they have each been left out of the will and the entire estate has been left to the housekeeper! Dramatic? Yes. Unrealistic. No.  There is

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What is Special Education Law

All children have the right to a quality education. This includes children who have disabilities. This right to education does not exclude anyone based on gender, race, financial status, or disability. The state of Florida has guidelines that specifically protect children who need alternatives to the traditional teaching model. The

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calculator real estate closing

Avoid Mistakes with a Real Estate Closing Attorney

Buying or selling a home can be incredibly stressful. It is a sizable investment and having someone to represent your interests can be helpful. A Real Estate Closing Attorney is worth every penny and, in some cases, can save you quite a few. What is a Real Estate Closing Attorney?

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