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Helping Veterans Get the Benefits They Deserve

The Department of Veterans Affairs manages the Veterans Improved Pension program, which gives eligible Veterans and their widows/widowers a monthly benefit. This program is vastly different from the Disability Compensation benefit veterans receive for service-related disabilities. Lacey Lyons Rezanka understands that this pension benefit can help veterans and their widows/widowers afford in-home caregivers, assisted living facilities and even the basic costs of living. Planning for these benefits differs from Medicaid eligibility. VA planning must take into consideration future Medicaid eligibility for both the veteran and their spouse.

VA Benefits in Florida

When our service members bravely serve our country, they earn VA benefits that help supplement their lives and their families. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to:
  • Disability Compensation - Monthly, tax-free benefits if you suffer from physical or mental injuries that were aggravated due to your service.
  • Healthcare Coverage - Complete medical packages include primary care mental health care, specialty care, home healthcare and more.
  • Housing Assistance - Interest rate reductions, refinancing benefits and other home loan programs are dedicated to helping veterans reduce their debts.
  • Pension - Special monthly pension plans and needs-based income security are available to veterans and their families.
  • Employment Services - Assistance to help further your professional skills and kick start your career after serving in the military.
  • Education and Training - The government has several bills that make sure veteran education costs are covered whether you want to pursue an apprenticeship program, on-the-job training, a non-college degree or traditional college education.
  • Life Insurance - Veterans are eligible for a variety of life insurance plans to help ensure that their families are protected when they die.
  • Survivor Services - Benefits for dependents and spouses include healthcare coverage, monthly compensation and education reimbursement.

The Melbourne VA Planning Lawyers You Can Trust

Lacey Lyons Rezanka attorneys have years of experience VA pension planning. If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, contact our office.