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Unsurprisingly, Florida homeowners are prone to deal with some of the worst water-related damage in the country. Between hurricanes, flooding, and year-round humidity, water damage is a constant issue for most homes. At Lacey Lyons Rezanka, we are here to help when you need a Florida Water Damage Claims Attorney by your side.

What Can I Claim For Flood Damage?

Unlike other forms of damage, water damage can be particularly tricky for homeowners to address. For example, if a tree hits your property or someone drives their car through your garage door, a homeowner cannot do much to prevent the damage but deal with its consequences. Water damage, on the other hand, is not always as sudden or simple to address. Water damage can be categorized either as a sudden occurrence or through gradual damage over time. Sudden damage will likely require an insurance company to compensate the owner for damage costs. However, gradual damage caused by neglect or poor upkeep may prompt a company to deny a claim after an investigation. Common types of flood damage include:
  • Flooding during and after a hurricane, squall, or thunderstorm
  • Issues with sewage drainage
  • Seepage through a home’s walls or foundation
  • Poor roof maintenance that causes leaks or collapse
  • Leaks from pipes or other plumbing
  • Malfunctioning air conditioner units or other household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators

Would an Insurance Company Deny My Claim for “Gradual” Damage or Erosion?

Unfortunately, insurance companies deny these claims all of the time. Gradual water damage can be hard to spot if damage occurs in crawl spaces, addicts, garages, or other hidden areas of a home. Even the best homeowner cannot prevent extensive property damage when this occurs.  However, if you experience gradual water damage to your home, having an attorney review your policy before filing a claim or during the claims process can help navigate issues that arise with addressing the damage. Finally, all homeowners should constantly be on the lookout for gradual forms of water damage in high-risk areas like the foundation and exterior of the property. Finding these issues early may prevent costly and prolonged legal battles with your insurance company to address water damage.

I Filed a Claim for Florida Water Damage, but My Claim was Denied

Unsuspecting homeowners find themselves in this situation all of the time. An insurance company will comb through a policy and investigate any damage claim to find legal or contractual reasons not to pay for property damage. Having an experienced water damage attorney advocate on your behalf can ensure your damage is addressed. If your homeowner’s insurance company refuses to fund the cost of repairing water damage, ask for a detailed explanation of why they have decided not to pay your claim. This provides evidence for any future legal proceedings that could help your case. Also, never wait for your insurance company to provide you with payment to address property damage. The claims process can take weeks or months, and many policies require a property owner to address damage well in advance of payment.

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