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Let a Melbourne Asset Protection Attorney Protect You and Your Family

Lacey Lyons Rezanka uses asset planning protection to strategically protect your assets and wealth from creditor claims and lawsuits. When you choose our law firm, an experienced Melbourne asset protection attorney will review all of your assets, risks and discuss your financial goals. We then analyze everything and recommend establishing companies or trusts to help create a legal barrier to protect your assets. Each asset protection plan is unique because they are designed to best suit your current and future wealth management plans.

Protecting Real Estate and Liquid Assets

In the United States, it’s best to protect your real estate investments by having each parcel of land in a separate land trust, such as a limited liability company. This prevents creditors from going after all your assets, limiting liability to one single entity. To protect your liquid assets, we often recommend a trust. We can recommend domestic or international trusts based on your total liquid assets and overall risk factor.

Why You Need a Melbourne Asset Protection Attorney

Regardless of your net worth, a family or individual that has assets needs to consult with a Melbourne asset protection attorney and form a custom wealth protection plan. These plans assess your assets, risks, comfort level and overall fears. Additionally, some professions, such as business owners, investors, real estate owners, physicians and even parents, are at a higher risk of being involved in a major lawsuit, which is why their assets must be protected. As with anything in life, people that don’t have assets usually aren’t lawsuit targets. People that have wealth and physical assets are at a substantially higher risk of encountering lawsuits.

Protecting Assets from Lawsuits

Having the proper legal tools and documents in place before a lawsuit strikes helps ensure that you are in an advantageous position, as this is usually the difference between a quick settlement and expensive litigation. People with a lot of assets may benefit from an offshore trust, which allows you to take advantage of more favorable laws. If you have a foreign trust and someone sues you, they will face more barriers than a local trust.

Let Our Melbourne Asset Protection Attorneys Work For You

An experienced asset protection law firm will work with you, analyze your situation and then propose a custom plan based on your personal needs and risks. We work with our clients to create a protection plan that is appropriate not only for you but for your family too. The benefit of working with Lacey Lyons Rezanka is that we have years of experience understanding the legal system, which means we can create a plan that works for you. Once you establish an asset protection plan, if your situation changes, you can meet with us again to review your plan to ensure it is still in compliance with your goals.  As your financial situation changes, the legal system has updates, or if your family grows, your asset protection plan should be reviewed and updated. With the rise in litigation, you must preserve your wealth and your family’s future today.

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