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Property Claims

You purchased an insurance policy in exchange for a promise to be covered financially in certain situations when a loss occurs. Losses may occur due to unexpected damage to your home or business. You purchased your insurance policy with the reasonable expectation that in the event of loss, you could simply submit your property claims and the accompanying documentation to the insurance company and receive payment in a timely manner to cover your loss and get your life back to normal. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance carriers do not fulfill their obligations when an insurance claim arises, despite paying your insurance premiums and fulfilling your obligation to the insurance company, it is not uncommon for the insurance company to wrongfully deny claims, delay payment of claims or attempt to undervalue insurance claims. The claim handling tactics used by the insurance companies often requires the insured individual or business, to retain an insurance claim lawyer to handle claims settlement or in some case to file a lawsuit against their own insurance company to receive the benefit they bargained for by purchasing the insurance policy to begin with. In which cases does property insurance cover? The insurance claim lawyers at Lacey Lyons Rezanka provide representation to policy holders and third-parties seeking coverage for their claims in various areas of insurance coverage including but not limited to the following areas: If you have questions or concerns about an insurance coverage issue or dispute, an insurance claim lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka can help answer your questions and advocate on your behalf to help you obtain the financial assistance you bargained for when you paid your insurance premium.

How a Property Insurance Claim Lawyer Can Help

The knowledgeable Melbourne property insurance claims lawyers at Lacey Lyons Rezanka help both businesses and individuals alike pursue claims against insurance companies. Insurance companies are required to provide coverage according to the terms of the insurance policies they sell, however this often does not happen. Our property insurance claims attorneys have experience in navigating various stages of a property insurance claim, ranging from pre-suit matters which may include assisting an insured with the preparation of Sworn Proof of Loss, obtaining repair estimate, providing representation to an insured during a Examination Under Oath (“EUO”), preparing a Civil Remedy Notice, or simply advocating on the insureds behalf before a suit is filed to help negotiate a fair settlement. In addition to assisting with pre-suit claim settlement, our skilled litigation attorneys, also assist with filing lawsuits on the behalf of the insured for breach of the contract based on the insurance company’s failure adhere to the terms of the insurance policy and in some instances accompanying bad faith claims against the insurance carrier based on their actions taken during the claims handling process.
What are the most common types of home insurance claims?
  1. Wind and hail (39.4%)
  2. Water damage and freezing (23.5%)
  3. Fire and lightning (24.8%)
  4. All other property damage (9.4%)
  5. Bodily injury and property damage (1.8%)
  6. Theft (.7%)
  7. Medical payments and other (.5%)
Our property insurance litigation attorneys hold insurance companies accountable. People pay premiums to an insurance carrier today for the purpose of having financial protection from the uncertainty of tomorrow. We hold insurance carriers to the promises they give in exchange for the premiums they receive. If your insurer is not keeping its promise to you, contact a Melbourne property insurance claim lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka today for a consultation. Contact an Attorney Today