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New Florida Laws in 2023 You Need To Know

There are new 2023 Florida laws that came into effect July 1, 2023. Every year, the State of Florida goes through a series of amendments and updates to its statute books. 

These updates are often passed in response to concerns raised by individuals and organizations. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws that govern the state so you know what your rights and responsibilities are.

Why New Laws Are Passed Each Year 

The political landscape in Florida can play a role in the passage of new laws. With different political parties in control of the Governor’s office, State Senate, and House of Representatives, there will always be a push for the implementation of new policies. Social, cultural, and economic factors can also play a part in the creation of new laws or amendments to laws already in effect. 

Some Of The New 2023 Florida Laws To Know

  • HB 1
  • SB 262
  • SB 264
  • HB 477
  • SB 7050
  • HB 7063
  • HB 543
  • SB 266

HB 1: Educational Freedom 

This new Florida education law has eliminated the financial eligibility restrictions and the previous enrollment cap. This will expand the school choice options available to every child, making Florida the leader in school choice in the US.

This law helps to empower parents to allow their children to receive better education rather than be restricted due to income. It also requires that an online portal be created so parents can easily see what educational options they have for their child. One of the main elements of the Bill is a big budget increase, for funding public schooling. 

SB 262: Digital Bill of Rights

Personal data collection can seem like a violation of your rights. No one wants to be constantly bothered by third-party companies who steal your information. 

Targeted advertising has become a major issue for many people. Especially on social media sites where all the content is enticing and very ‘clickable.’ 

This law helps citizens by requiring large companies to offer their consumers a chance to opt out of this type of collected information and advertisements. 

The main goals of this Digital Bill of Rights are to help citizens understand how personal data is collected and used. That your personal data cannot be used against you.

Whenever purchasing a home, health insurance or being hired, how search engines can manipulate results. Also, the ability to protect minors from personal data collection. 

SB 264: Florida Property Limitations 

This Bill was passed by Governor Ron DeSantis on July 1, 2023. It is known as the Interests of Foreign Countries Act. SB 264 is set up to limit property owners from certain foreign countries. Florida property owners can be affected by this Bill, as it regulates specific foreign transactions. 

This bill includes strict limitations to Florida property purchases by or for Chinese citizens. Those who are not also US-based citizens. By contacting a Real Estate Attorney, Florida residents can ensure they do not violate new property laws.

HB 477: School Board Limit

While each school board member will still serve 4-year terms, they are now limited to only serving for 8 years (2 terms) on the board. 

The prior term was 12 years. This new education law has been implemented to offer new members opportunities to be on the school board. 

SB 7050: Election Laws

To all those who are interested in 2023 Florida election laws that have been passed, Senate Bill 7050 created new restrictions. This was in regard to third-party voter registration groups and those utilizing mail-in ballots. 

HB 7063: Tax Relief 

House Bill 7063 is a 2023 Florida law that incorporates over a 1 billion dollar tax relief plan. This bills allows for more tax holidays as follows:

-Two 14-day tax holidays will be held for back to school shopping. One before the fall semester and the other before spring semester starts. 

-There will now be two 14-day tax holidays between May/June and August/September for hurricane or disaster preparation.

-A “Freedom Summer” tax holiday that will extend from Memorial Day to Labor Day will allow for sales tax exemptions on certain outdoor or recreational purchases.

This bill also allows for a reduction on the sales tax rate of Commercial Leases of Rental property from 5.5% to 4.5% starting Dec. 1, 2023. 

There are now permanent sales tax exemptions on certain baby and toddler items, diapers for all ages, oral hygiene products, and firearm safety devices. 

HB 543: Constitutional Carry  

If you are eligible to own a weapon or firearm, this law applies to you as it’s a 2023 Florida law that aids gun owners. HB 543 allows for gun owners to concealed carry without a government certified concealed carry license.

However, only those that meet the criteria for a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License are eligible. Florida will continue to issue and renew concealed carry licenses to those wanting one. 

There are criminal penalties set up within this bill for those found guilty of concealed carrying while not being qualified for a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. 

It also addresses school safety by implementing the Florida Safe Schools Canine Program and amending sections of law directly related to school safety.

It also includes that private schools are now able to partner with a law enforcement agency to assign a safe-school officer(s) or a trained school guardian.

SB 266: Higher Education 

This new education law prohibits Florida universities and colleges from using Federal and State funding. This focused on funding assisting with “DEI” programs, or programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion. While DEi programs are not being outlawed, they are not allowed to be funded with state or federal funds. 

SB 766: School Bus Passing Infractions

The Senate Bill passed on May 31st states that school districts can install and operate school bus infraction detection systems on every school bus.

Violations will be reported to each school district’s designated law enforcement agency, which will in turn decide if a violation occurred and send notice of violation and civil penalty of $225 to a vehicle’s registered owner.

The majority of money collected from a violation ($200) will be designated to the school district.  This will occur where the violation occurred. The district will pay for installation and maintenance of the school bus infraction detection systems.

The remaining portion ($25) is designated to the Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Services Trust Fund for trauma center payment. 

This law was implemented to help protect the citizens of Florida by maintaining a safer place to live.

Protecting Your Rights 

2023 Florida laws were created to protect your rights as a citizen. Technological advancements and unexpected events play a role in shaping our state’s laws. 

It may seem frustrating at times to keep up with all the new laws that are passed. That’s why it is important to remember that they are ultimately in place to keep us safe and promote equity.

If you feel your rights have been violated, don’t hesitate, contact your trusted Melbourne attorneys at Lacey Lyons Rezanka consultation today!