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FAQ’s on Supplemental Insurance Claims

house that is falling apart

Listed are some frequently asked questions about Supplemental Insurance Claims:

What is a supplemental property owner Insurance Claim?

Supplemental property insurance claims are secondary claims made by insured property owners (both home owners and business owners) to request additional money to make repairs to your property in the event that additional repairs are necessary to after you have settled the initial claim with your property insurance company resulting from a windstorm or hurricane claim.

How do supplemental claims occur?

Often supplemental claims are a result of busy adjusters working on behalf of the insurance company not accurately assessing the damage to your property. In some instances, the adjusters and examiners working on behalf of the insurance company prepare statements of loss without being able to see all of the damage which may have occurred, for example not knowing what is behind the walls before making an assessment as to the cost of the damages.

How long do you have to file a supplemental property Insurance Claim?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 627.70132, loss or damage caused by a windstorm or hurricane is barred unless notice of the claim, supplemental claim, or reopened claim was given to your insurance company in accordance with the terms of the policy within 3 years after the hurricane first made landfall or the windstorm caused the covered damage. This is not a lot of time! If you have discovered additional damage to your property that was not accounted for in your initial claim, do not delay in submitting a supplemental claim requesting that your initial claim be re-opened by your property insurance company.

What can I do if my insurance company will not pay my supplemental claim?

It is very common for property insurance companies to deny both initial property insurance claims and supplemental property insurance claims. If you find yourself in the position where your property insurance company is denying your insurance claim, undervaluing your claim or delaying payment on your claim it is time to consult with an attorney! If your property has been damaged by a hurricane, hailstorm or other natural disaster contact the insurance dispute attorneys of Lacey Lyons Rezanka for assistance.