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Insurance Claim Denied? Why You Should Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney

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How an Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

When a storm, hurricane, or other unexpected event damages your property, you want your insurance company to pay your claim in a timely manner. But sometimes insurers act in bad faith by delaying payment or refusing to pay valid claims altogether.

Delaying processing or settling claims, finding your damages are not covered, or denying claims without good reason are common methods insurance companies use to avoid paying under insurance policies.

Is Your Insurer Refusing to Pay Your Claim?

If your insurer refuses to pay under the terms of your policy, it might be acting in bad faith. Examples of bad faith insurer actions are:

  • Making false or inaccurate statements about coverage
  • Providing low-ball repair estimates
  • Trying to get you to settle or make a claim under another insurance policy
  • Demanding you sign away your rights to payment on other valid claims you may have to receive a claim payment or settlement
  • Telling you that you do not need a lawyer to settle an insurance dispute

Bad faith tactics can prevent you from starting repairs to your home. If your insurer is delaying or refusing to pay your claim, consider discussing your situation with an insurance claims lawyer.

How an Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

The experienced Melbourne property insurance claims lawyers at Lacey Lyons Rezanka routinely helps businesses and individuals get their claims paid by insurance companies. Our property insurance litigation attorneys keep insurance companies honest. We are different from public adjusters because as lawyers we can sue insurers acting in bad faith that refuse coverage for legitimate insurance claims. We make sure they provide you with the coverage you paid for according to your policy.

Call Our Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyer Today

If your home or other property was damaged and your insurance company is delaying or denying your claim, contact a Melbourne property insurance claims attorney at Lacey Lyons Rezanka to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.