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Planning a Move to Senior Living? Things to consider…

The following blog post is written by Kara Anderson, Owner and President of Simplifying Senior Living

Relocating to senior living is a big decision for the senior making the move.  You may be thinking about it for the future or need to move quickly due to a health crisis.  Maybe concerns about COVID have you convinced you should wait.  If you feel like you aren’t ready, here are three things you can still do before you make a move:

  1. Have your estate planning completed. Designate who will be making decisions for you in the event you are unable.  Decide your goals for end-of-life (www.fivewishes.org) and communicate those to your loved ones and document them in writing.  Having this conversation can help give peace of mind to all involved and allow the senior and family to focus on what matters most when the senior is in crisis.
  2. Know your financial plan. Independent living and assisted living are paid out of pocket for the senior and/or their family.  What can you afford?  Do you qualify for Veteran’s Aid and Attendance?  Will you need to apply for Medicaid in the future?  How long will you be able to pay out of pocket before depleting your assets?  Take the time to meet with a qualified elder law attorney who can advise you on estate and financial planning, making sure you have the appropriate documents in place to preserve your legacy and pay for the care you need.
  3. Understand that there are many options in senior living. Take the time to explore the facilities that are most appealing to you – can you afford them? Do they offer the services and amenities important to you?  Are they able to care for you through end of life, or will you have to move again?  While no one has a crystal ball as to their needs beyond today, think about what your end-of-life goals are and if they can be supported in the facility you choose.

Whether you are planning a move to senior living in the future or need to do so more immediately, we can help. Need help getting started?  Call Simplifying Senior Living today at 321-327-2917 or visit them online here.