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What is special education law

April 17, 2023 by in Blog

All children have the right to a quality education. This includes children who have disabilities. This right to education does not exclude anyone based on gender, race, financial status, or disability. The state of Florida has guidelines that specifically protect children who need alternatives to the traditional teaching model. The […]

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Why Do I Need a Probate Lawyer?

March 16, 2023 by in Blog

Death can bring a wide range of emotions along with it. Having to go through the legal process without probate lawyers can become a complicated process. For those overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating this complicated process, understanding what exactly a probate entails and why it’s necessary can make all […]

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Education Law

March 10, 2023 by in Blog

Navigating the world of Education Law can be complicated, even for experienced professionals. From interpreting laws and mandates accurately to staying on top of existing and new regulations, understanding the basics of this law is essential for anyone in the field, including teachers and students. Through a comprehensive understanding of […]

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